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The Groupe Bénéteau, of which Jeanneau is a part, is the world's largest builder of production yachts. Since most yacht building is done with small production numbers, the economies of scale that Jeanneau can employ allow them to produce quality vessels at prices which the competition has trouble matching. The Jeanneau lines comprise glass fiber boats ranging from small day sailors all the way up to the current flagship model, a Jeanneau 57'.

Most yacht manufacture is done by small companies and for this reason one sees a huge variety of different types of boat in a typical anchorage or marina. The basic building materials are wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass, with the latter being used for most yachts; once one gets above 70' or so then steel becomes a viable option. The number of masts and types of rigging seen are still quite varied, but the majority of vessels now produced have a single mast and a sloop (also called “Bermuda” or “Marconi”) rig with a large jib or genoa sail in the front and a single mainsail.

Apart from the boat length, building material and sail type there are still many different hull shapes in monohull vessels, each with particular advantages and disadvantages. The center-cockpit design has it's proponents, as does the aft cockpit (which the Jeanneau yachts have) and the enclosed pilothouse. The keel design ranges from the modern fin keel (a narrow but deep keel) to the full keel that is integrated into the hull.

Jeanneau sailboats are designed to be very spacious cruisers, ideal for sitting at anchor and letting the warm Mediterranean or Caribbean sun shine upon those lucky enough to be on board. This open space is great while in a harbor, but at sea that space with handholds few and far between can be dangerous in rough waters during passages. Boat design is a matter of compromises and since I am a firm adherent of the statistics that over 95% of your time in a boat is spent at anchor I went for the spaciousness versus a boat built to withstand anything that angry seas can throw at it. With the advent of modern telecommunications coupled with excellent satellite weather coverage, I believe that on my circumnavigation I can use these services and avoid major storms by sailing around them or staying in harbor until they pass by.

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