Zanshin I

Zanshin I in the channel Zanshin I sailing up the Sir Francis Drake Channel in the BVI.
Zanshin I in the channel
Looking up Zanshin I's mast Looking up Zanshin I's mast
Looking up Zanshin I's mast
Action shot of Zanshin I Action shot of Zanshin I

[18°31'12.81"N 64°23'15.46"W (facing SE)]
Action shot of Zanshin I
New lettering applied I've just finished applying the new lettering with the name on Zanshin I and had to take a picture of my work.
New lettering applied
Zanshin I at anchor Zanshin I at anchor
(2009-04-19 14:41:58 DSC-N2 [f/8.0, 10/4000s] ISO 160)
Zanshin I at anchor

After completing the sales process of Solitaire described here, I became the happy owner of Zanshin I and spent many months aboard her; both at anchor and at sea. I only started a logbook on my third trip but still racked up over 2000nm despite just hanging around the northern islands of the windward chain. Although Zanshin I was 'only' 6 feet longer she was a much heavier boat than her predecessor and passage making in the Caribbean suddenly became a lot easier, particularly the rather nasty passage from the British Virgin Islands to St. Martin became a comfortable overnight trip instead of a tiring lengthy journey (it helped that I no longer shirked from turning on the diesel and motor sailing the whole way). Likewise the extra weight made what movement at anchor was left more comfortable and the stately motion was very comfortable.

I added and tweaked a number of features on Zanshin I over time and had a comfortable home away from home when I made the mistake of looking at the new Jeanneau 57 model with her dinghy garage and spacious accommodations. This was the beginning of the end for me, as the only thing that truly bothered me aboard Zanshin I was that I needed to spend a good 2-3 hours of heavy work putting the dinghy and outboard on deck and aft pulpit respectively and there was no way that I was going to solve the problem without going ahead and have a large set of davits manufactured for the dinghy and wind generator.

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