Video Clips from the Caribbean

Here are some of the videos I've taken or put together, rather than host them here I've moved them to my Youtube SV-ZANSHIN Channel page.

Diving the "Tugboat" off Île Tintamarre in St. Martin. The Tugboat (or “Remorquer”) was sunk intentionally and lies upright in sand at a depth of only 60 feet. It is close to the anchorage and easy to reach via dinghy. Coral and other growths are slowly transforming the wreck into a great site for an easy dive or two. Mixture of video and stills taken during my 2014 refresher course for the ISAF “Safety at Sea” recertification which included a lot of fun exercises. “Zanshin” and her Happy-Hour bell ritual “Zanshin” on some Caribbean island passages
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