Name & Link Comments
RYA - Royal Yachting Association The U.K. Yachting association
Jeanneau Owners Network A Jeanneau forum run by owners for owners
Sailnet Forum A large Forum revolving around sailing with numerous categories. Rather American-centric but with a foreign presence. Regardless of what question is asked there will be a lot of answers!
SSCA Forum SSCA stands for Seven Seas Cruising Association and as the name suggests this forum's membership leans more towards cruising sailors and topics that interest them.
Cruisers Forum A forum geared more towards cruising sailors.
Anything Sailing Forum One more sailing forum with a slightly different audience from the others.
Noonsite A play on words (the noon sight comes from navigation), this site is the most authoritative internet location for getting timely information on details for cruising destinations. Particularly the regulations and clearing requirements are detailed here and are constantly updated.
Traveltalk BVI A lively forum revolving around the British Virgin Islands
BluewaterKids Blog The blog for the owners of my previous boat. (quiescent Blog)
Cruising on Arita The blog for Lauren and Rob and their adventures.
Björn's Folkboat Blog (German) Björn, a friend and colleague, has a new (to him) Folkboat.
Carmen and Bernd travels on “Mau” (German) Carmen and Bernd, friends from Germany, have purchased a catamaran in St. Martin and are now travelling the Caribbean.
National Hurricane center The U.S. national weather service's page for hurricane information. I change my browser's home page from Google! to this site during the summer months.
WindGuru I use this site extensively when travelling to get short-notice wind and wave information.
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