I use my notebook for everything and since I've been using Microsoft Outlook© for my mail for over 10 years I'm loathe to change applications. But since Outlook is a Windows© application, it does mean that I'm stuck with that OS for the time being. While I prefer UNIX and the public domain Linux systems I am still on Windows, having just gone from Windows Vista© to Windows 7.
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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 I started off with absolutely no knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and the myriad other things involved with creating, publishing and maintaining web pages. The Dreamweaver application made it quite a bit easier to get started and put together somewhat legible and viable web pages with little or no knowledge of the underlying technologies.
Adobe Photoshop Elements Even though the tool is immensely powerful and I use only a very small fraction of the potential locked in the software, I do my picture resizing with it and, at least for the underwater pictures, try to bring out some contrast in the otherwise blue photos.
Highslide JS I implemented this in February 2010 to make the thumbnails expand to large pictures on mouse clicks instead of just opening up a default second window. The application was incredibly easy to install and use and, best of all, is freeware.
Google Analytics With just a simple inserted statement and a free Google Analytics account I was suddenly able to see a lot of things about visitor be ha vi or to this site. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with the information, but it will at least tell me the worst pages on the site (those least visited) and those most visited so I can try to optimise them.
GoDaddy.Com This is the hosting provider for the site and I've been with them for several years and they've always done a good job; all one really needs to do is to learn to ignore their advertisements and marketing e-mails.
Sphider Search Public domain / shareware php code that indexes a site and allows full and partial text search.I changed to using Google's search bar and tool as it means I have no maintenance.
Digimarc Watermarking Digimarc uses sophisticated technology to embed hidden watermarking information in pictures and other documents. While I don't restrict copying material from this site I do request that attribution is given and using watermarks helps to ensure that others on the web “Play Fair”.
CSS Drive CSS Compressor This online tool takes .css files (cascading stylesheets) and compresses them in order to make page loading times faster. The menuing system and picture display system used on these pages has both JavaScript and CSS components and some of the online compressors manage to make these files unusable, but this one works like a charm.
JavaScript packer/minifier The program by Dean Edwards to pack Javascript is one of the most popular on the web.
GeoSetter I used this awesome freeware application to geocode my pictures and also add information on the direction shot in an the picture target.
VirtualDub This free software package allowed me to take the original AVI video shot from digital cameras and edit it to make it viewable.
Video deshaker This free software codec for VirtualDub modifies AVI to remove the shaking and motion from hand-held, badly filmed video. The differences between the before and after stream is amazing and without it I would have deleted the videos I shot.
Apache HTTP Web Server I used a local copy of Apache to test site changes and modifications before uploading to the actual Apache web server hosted by GoDaddy.
Raspian - Linux for the Raspberry PI Considering $30 gives you a small computer running this operating system that has enough power to run a database and a webserver in a sandboxed environment, I consider this an awesome deal and far simpler than running a virtual machine under windows.
mySQL Database This is installed on my test server as well as on the web hosting site to store data about images and page statistics.
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