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British Virgin Islands
B-Line Bar One of my favorite little hideaway bars, the B-Line on Little Jost Van Dyke can only be reached by dinghy
(2017-02-15 17:07:21 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-250.0 mm f/3.5-6.3" lens. [f/18.0, 1/13s] ISO 100)
B-Line Bar
B-Line Bar Little Jost van Dyke Accessible only by dinghy, this small daytime bar is one of my favourites in the BVI. They've got a system which allows you to flip a bottle cap into a jar about 6 feet away - if you get the cap into the jar the drink is free. The view from the small sheltered beach is wonderful and I think that they plan on expanding the service to include food sometime soon.
Jenn and Jill dancing Jenn and Jill dancing

[18°19'4.92"N 64°36'47.48"W ]
Jenn and Jill dancing
Pirate's Bight Norman Island Accessible only by boat, it offers food and drink for the family along with a gift shop. Frequent live music.
The William Thornton The renowned Willie T's bar during the day and before the libations are served. The two crew live and sleep aboard during their 2 week stint and the parties there are stuff of legend.

[18°18'55.01"N 64°37'10.43"W (facing SE)]
The William Thornton
William Thornton, aka the “Willie T” Norman Island Accessible only by dinghy, the Willie T is anchored in corner of The Bight and is renowned for wild parties. The days where ladies get free drinks if they jump naked off the upper deck might be over, but depending upon the night and the crowd it is a wild, wild place. While they do have food it is mainly a bar. Beware of mooring too close if you want to retire early.
  Captain Mulligan's Nanny Cay, Tortola Located just outside of Nanny Cay Marina, it offers perhaps the best burgers on Tortola and is a great place to relax. It is a family friendly place much frequented by the local expatriate crowd.
Pussers Rum logo Pusser's Various With several locations it is the BVI's closest thing to a chain restaurant (and store, and bar) with the newest location taking over the old “Fat Hog Bob's” location at Hodge's Creek. While I'm not a rum person I do hear that they mix some mean drinks there. My favourite is the Marina Cay location and, when there, the Michael Beans Happy Arrrr show is not to be missed!
  Peg Legs Nanny Cay, Tortola The actual physical bar has moved around several times since I was first there, but the location is great - both for viewing docking manoeuvres as well as for watching boats in the Sir Francis Drake Channel. While the new restaurant has gone upscale and the large and tasty pizzas are no longer on the menu, it is a fun place to dine and enjoy a cold beverage while talking with your bar neighbour.
Trellis bay Cybercafe Trellis Bay Cyber Café Trellis Bay, Tortola The Cyber Café is not only the place to catch up on the internet ashore, they serve awesome sandwiches that are not to be missed. The goings-on at the beach can be watched from shaded outdoor seats or from the inside. Although I really don't see that much of a resemblance, I've been asked numerous times if I'm related to Jeremy, the proprietor - although we do share the same stylish haircut.
Arnd at Rudi's Bar Arnd at Rudi's Bar

[18°25'34.49"N 64°38'34.4"W (facing NW)]
Arnd at Rudi's Bar
Rudi's Bar High up, Tortola The bar is situated high atop the hills in Tortola and has a wonderful view of the north shore, Jost van Dyke and (weather permitting) Anegada. While it is certainly a no-frills location the drinks are good and the setting cannot be beat. While their recommendation of Callwood's Arundel rum as a “fine drinking rum” might have been off the mark (the rum makes a fine paint stripper, though) I loved this place and returned several times (although I only had the rum once).
Jaegermeister  at the Tamarind This was just the beginning of the evening, we downed a couple of bottles of Jägermeister... something the drink was not designer for and I certainly felt the aftereffects the day after.

[18°27'0.27"N 64°34'42.85"W ]
Jaegermeister at the Tamarind
Tamarind Club Hotel Tortola This hotel features a pool side bar and is a great hangout for those with vehicular access.
Bomba's shack Tortola Bomba's shack Tortola

[18°23'57.09"N 64°40'50.64"W (facing NW)]
Bomba's shack Tortola
Bomba Shack Tortola Bomba and his shack are known throughout the BVI and his Full Moon Parties have a well-deserved reputation even further from the shores of Tortola. This is certainly not a family-style bar.
Myett's bar in Cane Garden Bay Happy hour is getting busy at Myett's bar, situated off the beach in Cane Garden Bay in the BVI.

[18°25'37.77"N 64°39'25.01"W ]
Myett's bar in Cane Garden Bay
Myett's Cane Garden Bay Right on the beach with live music and good food it is a fun place to relax and enjoy the sunset.
Jill and Jenn at Quito's See what a couple of Painkillers will do? I think we were dancing, but can't really recall much - and I was the designated driver!

[18°25'40.45"N 64°39'26.07"W ]
Jill and Jenn at Quito's
Quito's Gazebo Cane Garden Bay Right on the beach and next to the dinghy dock, Quito's has been a fixture in Cane Garden Bay for years.
The Soggy Dollar bar The renowned Soggy Dollar bar, home of the infamous Painkiller

[18°26'35.15"N 64°45'50.76"W (facing NE)]
The Soggy Dollar bar
Soggy Dollar Bar White Bay, Jost van Dyke The name comes from the time when people would swim ashore from their boats and pay with wet money and this bar is, next to Foxy's, the most well-known one in the BVI. White Bay is beautiful and the bar is on the beach, it is a favourite destination from day-trippers from the USVI as well as boats touring the BVI. Their painkiller is awesome and the atmosphere comfortable.
Corsair's Bar Corsair's Bar

[18°26'43"N 64°45'3.61"W ]
Corsair's Bar
Corsairs Bar Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke I enjoy this bar, their pizza is awesome, the company at the bar and restaurant is always interesting and Vinny, the proprietor, ensures that things stay lively.
Taking a break at Foxy's Jenn and I taking a break from the dance floor at Foxy's on Jost van Dyke in the BVI.

[18°26'40.16"N 64°44'55.6"W ]
Taking a break at Foxy's
Foxys Bar Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke While it is beyond a doubt the most renowned restaurant and bar in the BVI it has become such a tourist attraction that its charms have been overshadowed by commercialism. Nonetheless, Foxy was awarded the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 2009 for his services towards promoting and shaping the culture of the BVI and it was certainly deserved.
Mad Dog Cafe lunch Enjoying the shade at the Mad Dog Cafe at the top of the Baths on Virgin Gorda, BVI.
Mad Dog Cafe lunch
Mad Dog Café Baths, Virgin Gorda While it is just a small little spot of shade at the tope of the Baths, it serves great food and is a comfortable place to just “Chill”.
Top of the Baths view Top of the Baths view

[18°25'46.36"N 64°26'33.03"W (facing N)]
Top of the Baths view
Top of the Baths Baths, Virgin Gorda An idyllic setting with incredible panoramic views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and Tortola. The food is excellent, I have had the best Gazpacho of my life there! The walk up the path from the Baths is just far enough to make a cool drink and fine meal worthwhile.
Katie at Seddy's Katie at Seddy's

[18°26'34.53"N 64°45'56"W (facing NE)]
Katie at Seddy's
Seddy's One Love White Bay, Jost van Dyke What better logo than “No Shoes, No Shirt, ... no Problem!”. The food is tasty and the atmosphere laid back, this is my favourite food in White Bay.
  Mineshaft Café SE Virgin Gorda Located close to the old Copper mine, the view is outstanding and the food is befitting the location.
Bath and Turtle restaurant The Bath & Turtle restaurant and bar was my daily hangout while I was in the marina without a rudder and waiting for the replacement to be flown in from France.

[18°26'56.54"N 64°26'9.4"W (facing NE)]
Bath and Turtle restaurant
The Bath & Turtle Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda For over month while I was waiting for my replacement rudder on my old boat to arrive this was my constant hangout.
  The Rock Café Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda A fantastic setting, eating dinner nestled among the rocks for which the Baths are famous. The ambience and food are great at this restaurant.
Saba Rock, BVI Saba Rock, BVI
Saba Rock, BVI
Saba Rock North Sound, Virgin Gorda This is one of my favourite hangouts in the BVI - both because of the proximity to my favourite anchorage and because the bar and restaurant is comfortable with friendly staff and acceptable prices plus good food.
Leverick's Jumbies bar Happy hour guests are already enjoying the cooling shade at the Jumbies bar at Leverick Bay in the BVI.
Leverick's Jumbies bar
Leverick Bay North Sound, Virgin Gorda Leverick Bay has two restaurants, and the upper level has some of the best steak that I have ever eaten - anywhere! The location and service is nonpareil! Downstairs is the Jumbies bar, with live music and a much more boisterous atmosphere.
Lobster Dinner Just before feeding time, we've had our salad but the main course is still to come.
(2007-03-19 01:00:16 DSC-N1 [f/2.8, 10/400s] ISO 400)
[18°43'24.1"N 64°22'53.91"W (facing NE)]
Lobster Dinner
Potters by the Sea Anegada Along with The Anegada Reef Hotel this serves excellent food and Anegada Lobster. This is one of the few places in the BVI where long pants and sleeves should be worn in the evening - not due to any formal attire requirements but because of the mosquitoes.
Anegada Anchorage Anegada Anchorage

[18°43'24.36"N 64°22'54.11"W (facing NW)]
Anegada Anchorage
Anegada Reef Hotel Anegada Along with Potters by the Sea, this bar and restaurant serves excellent food and Anegada Lobster. This is one of the few places in the BVI where long pants and sleeves should be worn in the evening - not due to any formal attire requirements but because of the mosquitoes.
Dinner at the Dove Dinner at the Dove
(2013-12-27 19:31:20 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/11.0, 1/60s] ISO 6400)
[18°25'10.25"N 64°37'6.72"W ]
Dinner at the Dove
The Dove Restaurant & Bar Road Town A fine dining restaurant close to the main ferry terminal building with a great selection of wines. To date I've only been there once but it was among the best meals I've had in the BVI.
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U.S. Virgin Islands
Mahoe Bay Camps The rotunda dinner and breakfast area at the eco friendly Mahoe Bay Camps on St. John in the USVI; the long stairway climb to the top is worth it.

[18°21'39.96"N 64°44'34.12"W (facing SE)]
Mahoe Bay Camps
Maho Bay Camps Maho Bay, St. John While climbing all those steps form the beach to the restaurant at the top of the hill is daunting and certainly works up a good appetite, the food selection, quality and quantity makes the trip worthwhile. I think I ate at this camp every night for a week, with a different menu each and every evening.
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Saint Martin (both sides)
La Sucriere in St. Martin La Sucriere in St. Martin

[18°3'59.42"N 63°5'12.43"W (facing NW)]
La Sucriere in St. Martin
La Sucrière Marigot, St. Martin The “Formule déjeuner” with a half baguette, jelly, coffee, butter and a croissant for €5.50 was my staple breakfast every morning. I would enjoy a cup or two of coffee and use the Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Later on in the day I'd drop by for something even sweeter and another coffee.
Bistro de la Mèr Marigot, St. Martin While they always had a barbecue going for grilled meats and fish, I tended to opt for the more traditional French meals and enjoyed the friendly service - despite my best attempts at French they always and inevitably responded to me in English.
Blue Martini Bistro Grand Case, St. Martin The town of Grand Case is known for its plentiful and bountiful restaurants and I visited several while on St. Martin. The Blue Martini, while not at the upper end of the Guide Michelin scale, was comfortable and pleasant and had excellent Steak Tartare!
Jimbo's Rock & Blues Café Simpson Bay, St. Martin The music is right to my taste and the crowd is a mix of local expatriates and sailors. I loved the food and their happy hour specials are very hard to beat.
Topper's Simpson Bay, St. Martin Located close to the SMYC dinghy dock and Kim Sha beach, the food is tasty and price is right.
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St. Kitts & Nevis
Sunshine's beach bar and restaurant Home of the Killer Bee, Sunshine's bar on the beach at Nevis is a quick swim or dinghy ride from the mooring field.
Sunshine's beach bar and restaurant
Sunshine Beach Bar & Grill Nevis Just a short dinghy ride or swim from the anchorage, Sunshine's combines atmosphere, view and good food with his signature drink the “Killer Bee”.
Antigua & Barbuda
Mad Mongoose during Race Week The Mad Mongoose at night during the Antigua Race Week.

[17°0'43.3"N 61°46'8.27"W (facing SE)]
Mad Mongoose during Race Week
Mad Mongoose Falmouth, Antigua A boater's hangout with 24x7 free Wi-Fi - the outside covered seats with power plugs outside are zero pressure, if you don't buy any drinks or food they won't bother you. For what is essentially a bar they serve very tasty food with a varied menu and I left many a Caribbean Dollar at this establishment.
Shirley Heights band On Sundays there is a dinner with music from this steel drum band, who were very adept at reproducing different songs using just their percussion instruments.

[17°0'7.65"N 61°45'26.06"W (facing NW)]
Shirley Heights band
Shirley Heights Shirley Heights, Antigua This venue is on every tour book's list of place to do and things to see; but for a reason. The views, particularly at sunset (and for those enterprising enough to climb up the hill in the dark the sunrise as well) are spectacular. They have live steel drum music twice a week and good fare inside on every night. Numerous parties make for a lively place, particularly during events such as the Antigua Race Week.
Wood-fired pizza oven The wood-fired pizza oven at Le Cap Horn in English Harbour, Antigua. The pizza I had here was awesome!
(2013-03-15 18:58:55 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/1.8, 1/8s] ISO 200 Focus 3.76m)
[17°0'40.91"N 61°46'6.64"W (facing SE)]
Wood-fired pizza oven
Le Cap Horn English Harbour, Antigua While the majority of this restaurant serves fine food on heated stones, I have had their wonderful pizza a couple of times. They have a wood-fired pizza oven working at night to make a perfect pizza.
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