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British Virgin Islands
(email)The Workbench Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour They were very helpful and knowledgeable when I was there with a broken/missing rudder from my previous boat. Their work in procuring and installing the replacement was great.
BVI Yacht Sales Nanny Cay I used them in my first boat search, then the agency was both my selling broker and that of Zanshin I. The whole crew was great to work with and did everything possible to make the selling and buying process as smooth as possible.
Nanny Cay Nanny Cay The Marina, while usually quite busy, always find room for an itinerant boat such as Zanshin I and the prices match the services. Their new shower block for boaters is by far the nicest I've seen anywhere in the world. The boat yard is professionally managed and each and every time that I've either hauled out or splashed back in they were quick and on-time despite my attempts to make life for them difficult. Their chandlery was always well-stocked but as of the 2009 season they've expanded and now have an even larger selection. From all accounts this is also one of the best places to do a quick bottom-paint job for any size boat.
Richardson's Rigging Road Town / Nanny Cay I had to use their services to correct some issues when I bought Boo Tiger and they did very good work and Elsworth Richardson looked almost embarrassed when he told me that it would cost more than the original estimate and explained how a broken and seized turnbuckle covering on the boat had caused them over an hour of work to remove.
BVI Marine Depot Road Town / Nanny Cay The Chandlery, despite its small footprint in an old sugar storage building, has a wide selection of items and their service department did excellent and quick work on Zanshin I and fix-up work on Solitaire doing the work recommended by the surveyor
Golden Hind Chandlery Road Town The largest and most well-stocked Chandlery in the BVI lies close to the Mooring Marina and was always helpful in answering questions and finding rare items.
Sunsail and Moorings Brokerage Mooring Base, Road Town Scott Woodruff and Richard Vass did great work and are the perfect contacts for those interested in getting an “experienced” ex-charter yacht. I was very happy with the one that I had purchased, and felt that the brokers gave me excellent and fair advice.
Robert Hirst Road Town I accompanied Robert on two surveys, one on my old boat as a seller (with some trepidation, I might add) and one as a potential purchaser on the Zanshin I. I knew that I would learn a lot during these inspect-alongs but was surprised at the amount of arcane boat knowledge a good surveyor has! Luckily for me there weren't any major problems with the boat I was selling and I am 100% certain that he would have found any problems had they been there.
Rob Swain Sailing Nanny Cay I took my ASA courses with Rob Swain and was fortunate to be the sole student (it was, after all, the hurricane season at the time) and I consider myself fortunate to have had that first-rate instruction.
Saint Martin / Sint Maarten
Budget Marine Simpson Bay The chandlery is huge and most of the time almost everything in their catalogue is not only in stock but on display somewhere on shop floor. The staff is not only knowledgeable but friendly and ever-present (as are the security cameras) and this is one of the few stores that I actually enjoy browsing in. They have a convenience-store type small shop right at the French side bridge which has also seen a fair share of my business.
Island Waterworld Simpson Bay Close to their rival above, they also have a big selection of product in a more hardware-store style layout. I purchased more equipment here than at their rival but not by too much. The staff, while smaller, is very knowledgeable and very helpful with any and all boat-related questions.
Havin's Marine Simpson Bay Located next to Island Waterworld, he was recommended to me and I had him build my wind generator mount. Despite my making his job difficult he produced a very solid and well/built mount which will probably outlast my boat!
Electec Simpson Bay I have gone to them for anything related to electricity and watermakers in the past and was always happy to recommend them. My recent fiasco with Fischer Panda parts and replacement has put a damper and I can't unequivocally recommend them anymore so I'll split this - for product they get an A, for labour/service work they get a D. Then again, as with all such things, YMMV.
FKG Simpson Bay This is the biggest rigging and metal fabrication shop on the island and they do excellent work and come highly recommended. They carry Gleistein German lines and will do complete rigging changes or manufacture small parts such as my Delrin spacer for Zanshin's furling main.
Econocars Grand Case I now like anchoring (for free) in Grand Case and then renting a car with this friendly company in order to do my shopping and other tasks in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay. I've used them several times over the years and while they might not be the cheapest company they have been the most reliable and friendly.
Octopus Diving Grand Case A great dive shop and operation run by Sally and Chris in Grand Case. I've got numerous pictures from dives with them and also have had friends do their PADI courses with them.
Five Star Yachting Simpson Bay Lagoon Andy at Five Star did a great job with my battery installation and solar panels with expertise, enthusiasm (those are heavy batteries indeed!) and for a fair price.
The Scuba Shop Simpson Bay Lagoon A nice dive shop right by the Dutch bridge that carries not only all the usual selection of dive gear but also speciality items such as supplies for my compressor.
Regattaguru Simpson Bay Lagoon Software used in the major Caribbean regattas.
A&F Sails Nelson's Dockyard Situated in the heart of the dockyard and thus prey to the occasional hordes of cruise ship guests who don't realize that the dockyard is only in part a museum but remains for the most part a functioning boat yard, this sail maker performs very high quality custom work.
watermaker Services Falmouth Harbour Knowledgeable and efficient, the destination for anything related to desalination.
Segel-center Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main I took my German SBF See license here as well as the 3 radio licenses, the SRC (Short Range Certificate), LRC (Long Range Certificate) and UBI (UKW-Sprechfunkzeugnis für den Binnenschifffahrtsfunk) radio licenses. and can recommend them if you happen to be in Frankfurt.
Herb's Southbound II network at sea (now defunct) Herb Hilgenberg used to run an excellent daily weather service on SSB frequency USB 12359.0 at 19:30UTC and I used his forecasts daily on the run from Norfolk, VA to St. Martin in the Caribbean. It is amazing how an accurate forecast and prognosis can make even the most trying circumstances easier to deal with.
Jeanneau Owners Site Internet This site has a mass of information and other items for Jeanneau Owners, including an online forum for discussions.
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