Jeanneau 57 line drawing

3 Views of a Jeanneau 57 3 Views of a Jeanneau 57
3 Views of a Jeanneau 57

In 2009 Jeanneau, part of the world's largest yacht builder, Groupe Bénéteau, came out with two new top-end models and gave them the model name “Yachts” as opposed to “Sun Odyssey”, creating the Jeanneau 53 Yacht as a successor to the well-known Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS and a new top-of-line flagship model named the Jeanneau 57 Yacht. I looked through the initial brochure and was impressed by the lines and interior. But what captured my fancy something a bit more mundane, namely the dinghy garage. Each and every time I planned a passage I would procrastinate departing as I knew that I'd have a lot of work ahead of me in getting the outboard off the dinghy and onto the pushpit, then hauling the dinghy aboard and fastening it on deck. Then I'd have to repeat the procedure in reverse upon arrival. All this effort could be dispensed with on this new boat, as getting the dinghy into the garage with the installed winch system was going to be a cinch.
This new model announcement came at a time when I was thinking of changing over to a true blue-water cruiser and had been playing around with the idea of going for a used Hallberg-Rassy or even an Amel (if I could overcome my dislike of the aesthetics). I opted to put Zanshin I on the market through BVI Yacht Sales and then decided not to visit the online pages at or any manufacturer sites until such time as the boat had sold - otherwise I could end up putting myself in the unenviable position of finding a boat I like and ordering that before having sold the current one.

I visited the Jeanneau Factory in July 2011 and got to see the future Zanshin, still just called “Hull Nº 68”, in the final stages of completion. Pictures of the factory and a short accompanying story can be seen at Jeanneau Factory Tour and I've also got some photographs from a visit to the Southampton Boat Show in 2010 that can be viewed at Jeanneau 57 at the Southampton Boat Show.
A 3-sided schematic drawing of a Jeanneau 57 with clickable pictures can be found here.

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