United States Virgin Islands (USVI)

Government Unincorporated United States Territory United States Virgin Islands Flag
Capital Charlotte Amalie
Currency US$
Area 346.36km2
Population (2007) 108,448
Language English
Islands 130 (most uninhabited)
Economy Tourism and Agriculture
GDP per Capita $14,500 (78th worldwide)
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The USVI is just a stone's throw from the BVI (well, more like a 3-Wood, but I'm sure you understand the drift), yet it is a completely different world from the neighbouring BVI. The sailing and cruising on the main islands, St. John, St. Thomas and Christiansted are similar, but the USVI are undoubtedly and unequivocally part of the USA. The culture, the language and the fast-food chains are unmistakably American and little remains of the originally Dutch culture.

Numerous cruise ships call in at Charlotte Amalie, making it a busy city while the neigh boring island of St. John is quiet, with most of the island designated as a national park.

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Mahoe Bay Camps stairs The long walk up the hill and up the numerous stairs to get to the dining room is strenuous, but the meal is worth the exercise.

[18°21'39.96"N 64°44'34.24"W (facing W)]
Mahoe Bay Camps stairs
Charlotte Amalie Cruiseships Charlotte Amalie Cruiseships
(2009-01-27 21:05:48 DSC-N2 [f/8.0, 10/6400s] ISO 160)
[18°20'2.96"N 64°55'56.24"W (facing E)]
Charlotte Amalie Cruiseships
Mahoe Bay anchored boats Looking towards shore at Mahoe Bay in the USVI
Mahoe Bay anchored boats
St. John shoreline St. John shoreline

[18°17'42.02"N 64°41'44.19"W (facing NW)]
St. John shoreline
RastaPasta I love that name. Who needs Oregano in the islands, anyway?

[17°7'10.75"N 61°50'45.61"W ]
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