String Phone

A fixed street or country address for a vessel which can, at a moments notice, weigh anchor and sail off into the sunset is a rather pointless thing to do, so the contact information provided here is for purely electronic communication or for mobile connectivity:

Type Address Comments
e-mail Zanshin at sv-Zanshin dot com (note to self: add good Spam filter to this address)
SailMail to be added later Limit emails to 10Kb and no attachments
Call Sign 2FAZ2 This is my ITU identity, 2-Foxtrot-Alpha-Zulu-2
VHF 235089752 MMSI is only for DSC equipped radios
SSB 235089752
ATIS 9235089752 Used in the RAINWAT countries for inland comms
Iridium +8816 3165nnnn No more digits forthcoming at present
Morse Code --.. .- -. ... .... .. -.  
Flags Zulu alpha november sierra hotel india november Zulu-Alpha-November-Sierra-Hotel-India-November

Telegraph. Ouija Board
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