I started the day off early aboard so that I could be finished working before the full heat of the day set in. I continued my work in the dinghy garage and tried to stow as much of the "stuff" as I could underneath the garage floor, but since the steering quadrant is down there as well it is important to make sure that the lines remain clear, even in bad weather.
I had an appointment at the bank in town at 11:00 so that I could withdraw some cash in order to make my payments and it only took an hour in line to get me sorted out, which I guess isn't that bad for the BVI. I also went into the local phone store and got a MIFI device so that I could work on the computer even when outside of Wi-fi range. And finally I loaded up with 64 liters of San Pellegrino and brought it all back to the boat.
I have two dive tanks that need to be hydrostatically tested but it turns out that the dive shop at Nanny Cay only does visual inspections. But there is an operation in town that does this, so I loaded the tanks onto the rental car and drove back into town in order to drop them off - but their technician is currently off-island so I will have to wait a week before I can pick up the tanks.
Back aboard the boat I did some smaller work and tried locating the controller board for the dinghy garage door hydraulics - without success.
I opted to drive to Gene's for a tasty dinner of ribs and returned to the Château early for some reading and sleep.

Dinghy Garage contents Putting items back into the dinghy garage after cleaning and scouring
(2021-06-28 18:21:33 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/16.0, 1/50s] ISO 64)
[18°23.8993761'0"N 64°38.1635485'0"W ]
Dinghy Garage contents
Dinghy Outboard Don't let the outboard cover fool you, then engine is brand new but I got an old cover to make it look less interesting to thieves
(2021-06-28 18:21:41 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/16.0, 1/40s] ISO 64)
[18°23.8993761'0"N 64°38.1635485'0"W ]
Dinghy Outboard
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