I went to Omar's for some coffee and internet in the morning and debated what I could do today. The back still is acting up so I couldn't do any work aboard.
I have a nice tripod aboard that I wanted to use to get some quality pictures, but I'm missing the attachment piece between the tripod and camera. I decided to go into Road Town and look for this piece. I ended visiting every single store that sold electronic type equipment but came out empty-handed. But I did get to visit the cruise ship dock for the first time and, not surprisingly, it looked exactly identical to every other cruise ship dock that I'd been to.
For dinner I went to Omar's again and had a very spicy and tasty lamb Vindaloo, then I returned to the boat and enjoyed the warmth outside in the cockpit and finished reading my current book before retiring.

Omar's Fusion Entrance Omar's was the first place to open in Soper's Hole after the hurricane, and remains a fine establishment for both breakfast and dinner
(2020-02-10 16:43:22 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/2.8, 1/640s] ISO 64)
Omar's Fusion Entrance
Omar working at his Restaurant Omar drawing a map of the table layout of his restaurant for on-line reservation use
(2020-02-10 16:44:08 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/2.8, 1/80s] ISO 400)
Omar working at his Restaurant
The bar at Omar's The bar at Omar's
(2020-02-10 16:44:24 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/4.0, 1/25s] ISO 200)
The bar at Omar's
Cruise Shop Docks I searched Road Town for a tripod attachment and my last stop was the electronics store at the cruise ship dock in Road Town. There was only one ship in town and the shopping area was rather empty but it was my first time there
(2020-02-10 18:45:12 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/4.0, 1/1250s] ISO 64)
Cruise Shop Docks
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