Today passed in a bit of a daze. I had a school of dolphins frolic around the boat for several minutes, but there was no way I could make it below to get the camera; by the time I'd done that at my geriatric pace they would have been long gone. So I just watched them jump to port and starboard and soon they were gone and I was alone again. I did see a faint bump on the horizon which was a freighter, and also had a couple of AIS signals, none of which came close enough to be visible to the eye.
In other circumstances today would have been awesome sailing. The seas were flat, I was close hauled with an apparent wind of 15 knots and doing over 7-8 knots with the boat hardly heeled over.
Only one more day to go before landfall.

Flat seas and no wind The final days of motorsailing and motoring towards the BVI
(2020-02-03 17:50:43 NIKON D850 with a "24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8" lens. [f/2.8, 1/3200s] ISO 64)
Flat seas and no wind
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