I woke up early today and dinghied off to the store as soon as they opened to get some fresh food for a night or two as I wanted to leave Falmouth harbour and visit Green Island again. The dinghy wouldn't get up on a plane despite my best attempts in the zero wind and zero wave conditions in Falmouth so I knew it was time to clean her up before the growth took on a life of it's own.
The sail up to Green Island was pleasant as the wind was strong enough at 10 knots and had veered so that I could sail the whole way on a single tack after passing English Harbour. I made it to Green Island in good time (as it was only 7 nautical miles) and swum around a bit after picking up a mooring and then attacked my dinghy project before going back aboard. I read for a bit then fired up the barbie for some hamburgers. Afterwards, the night skies were impressive but I soon got tired and hit the sack early.

Craggy shoreline in Antigua The south side of Antigua is inhospitable indeed.
[16°59'48.67"N 61°45'28.45"W (facing NE)]
Craggy shoreline in Antigua
Fort atop the hills The small lookout atop the southern hills of Antigua.
[16°59'48.82"N 61°44'36.39"W (facing NW)]
Fort atop the hills
Antigua Cliffs Antigua Cliffs
[16°59'59.16"N 61°44'2.48"W (facing N)]
Antigua Cliffs
It isn't a golden house... This object stumped me twice as I sailed past and I now know that it is a rusty fallen-over water tower.
[17°1'42.65"N 61°41'21.8"W (facing N)]
It isn't a golden house...
Pink House Pink House on the shoreline close to Green Island
[17°2'42.18"N 61°39'52.66"W (facing NW)]
Pink House
Sailing the south side of Antigua Sailing along the south shore of Antigua from Falmouth to Green Island.
[17°1'44.86"N 61°41'13.46"W (facing SW)]
Sailing the south side of Antigua
Nasty dinghy growth This is a nasty amount of growth on the bottom of my dinghy!
[17°4'24.66"N 61°40'19.63"W (facing E)]
Nasty dinghy growth
Adding wet sand(paper) Nature's wet sandpaper on the beach. I've already used the scraper a bit to get some of the growth off.
[17°4'24.66"N 61°40'19.63"W (facing E)]
Adding wet sand(paper)
Windsurfers on the beach Windsurfers packing it up for the day because the winds are just too light.
[17°4'24.66"N 61°40'19.63"W (facing W)]
Windsurfers on the beach
Dinghy bottom after sanding After several rounds of sanding the bottom and scrubbing with a green Scotch pad the bottom is looking a lot better.
[17°4'24.66"N 61°40'19.63"W (facing SW)]
Dinghy bottom after sanding
Green Island anchorage The Antigua Parks service has put in moorings for visiting boats here.
[17°4'29.66"N 61°40'26.76"W (facing N)]
Green Island anchorage
Green Island beach One of the beaches on Green Island.
[17°4'29.66"N 61°40'26.76"W (facing SE)]
Green Island beach
Departing French cruiser Departing French cruiser
[17°4'29.66"N 61°40'26.76"W (facing N)]
Departing French cruiser
Small island off Green Island Small island off Green Island
[17°4'29.66"N 61°40'26.76"W (facing N)]
Small island off Green Island
Moored off Green Island Moored off Green Island
[17°4'24.66"N 61°40'19.63"W (facing NW)]
Moored off Green Island
Pillars of Hercules in Antigua The Pillars of Hercules to the right-hand entrance side of English Harbour in Antigua
[16°59'58.31"N 61°45'46.41"W (facing NE)]
Pillars of Hercules in Antigua
Green Island panorama 180 degree panorama from my anchoring spot north of Green Island.
[17°4'29.68"N 61°40'26.69"W (facing NE)]
Green Island panorama
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