The day after the Antigua Sailing week ended was a quiet one that I spent aboard, doing editing of the pictures that I took over the 5-day event and generally relaxing. The winds were calm to nonexistent so it was quite hot aboard and I was tempted to turn on the generator and run the air conditioning but managed to resist the urge. That night I went ashore to the after-sailing-week-party on the docks where we helped get rid of the remaining liquor and subsequently headed to the Loose Mongoose for some dinner.

Weed garden on my dinghy The bottom of the dinghy is home to a balanced and healthy flora.
[17°0'47.69"N 61°46'32.26"W ]
Weed garden on my dinghy
Leaving Antigua The anchorage at Falmouth and English Harbour is emptying out after the Antigua Sailing Week as this marks the end of the season.
[17°0'47.25"N 61°46'32.42"W (facing SW)]
Leaving Antigua
Party for the ASW helpers Some of the helpers helping to get rid of the remaining alcohol.
[17°0'41.71"N 61°46'14.65"W (facing S)]
Party for the ASW helpers
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