Today was to be my quick shopping day, starting the day off by calling a car rental place from Octopus Diving; but there was nobody answering the phone, so I walked around for a bit and at about 10 we were able to reach someone, but they didn't have a car available until around 13:00 so I walked to the airport, but the only open rental agency wanted 50 Euros per day (as opposed to $35 at the other) so I walked back, ordered a car for 13:00 and did some e-mails at the Calmos Cafe in Grand Case. Once in the car I went to FKG to get an extension for the Bauer compressor fill line, then to FedEx for the package (it wasn't there, it was on the road again), to the dive shop to get a thin wetsuit and rack for the dive tanks, then to the Jeanneau dealer (no luck there, neither the Jeanneau spares nor the FedEx package was there), and then to La Sucrière for some coffee and a croissant.
After that I checked the dealer again and YES, the FedEx package with the boat registration was there and from there I went back to the Dutch side to have a drink at Barnacle's happy hour and then had the best ribs that I'd ever eaten, with the meat falling off the bone and the portion was so large that the last piece went to Ilona, who had returned after a year's absence to work the bar.

Calmos Cafe in Grand Case A nice little cafe and bar next to the dinghy dock in Grand Case, St. Martin
[18°6'14.38"N 63°3'17.47"W (facing NW)]
Calmos Cafe in Grand Case
View of Saba Island from St. Martin A particularly clear view of Saba from the hill around behind the airport in St. Martin
[18°3'15.29"N 63°8'7.95"W (facing S)]
View of Saba Island from St. Martin
Ribs at Barnacles Some of the best ribs I've ever had can be eaten at Barnacle's Bar and Restaurant in St. Martin
[18°2'25.48"N 63°5'51.64"W ]
Ribs at Barnacles
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