Today was a shopping day, most of it in Philipsburg. Rob had travel insurance for his delayed luggage, £300 for the first 48 hours and quite a bit more if the luggage is delayed longer. Thus we all went to the cruise ship shopping street in Philipsburg on the Dutch side and proceeded to replace the toiletries and items of clothing. The airline was not sure when the luggage would arrive, but we were planning on departing for the BVI the next day in any case so the luggage would have to follow us.
After driving around the island and seeing some of the sights we took the boat on a short sail up to Grand Case for the night and went ashore for a wonderful meal before returning to the boat for the night. Even the luggage decided it was time to come - it was delivered to us at the restaurant in Grand Case after the meal and we took it all back in the dinghy with us.

Cruise Ships in Philipsburg Cruise ships at the dock in Philipsburg, St. Martin
[18°1'25.54"N 63°2'50.61"W (facing SE)]
Cruise Ships in Philipsburg
Nat and Rob in Cruise Ship territory Nat and Rob at the promenade in Philipsburg prior to going shipping
[18°1'25.13"N 63°2'49.7"W (facing E)]
Nat and Rob in Cruise Ship territory
Front Street shopping in Philipsburg Catering to the cruise ship crowds, the shops on Front Street along the beach in Philipsburg are a mix of brand name stores and kitsch
[18°1'26.27"N 63°2'47.91"W (facing W)]
Front Street shopping in Philipsburg
Old Street in Philipsburg The street names in Philipsburg are easy to remember - Front Street, Old Street, Back Street, Old Street and others in a similar vein.
[18°1'26.13"N 63°2'47.9"W (facing NE)]
Old Street in Philipsburg
Atop St. Martin Nat and Rob atop the rise overlooking the Simpson Baie lagoon in St. Martin.
[18°1'34.21"N 63°4'38.41"W (facing W)]
Atop St. Martin
Grand Case airport landing Turboprop landing at the airport in Grand Case, St. Martin; the runway begins just behind the row of houses by the beach.
[18°6'21.98"N 63°3'21.09"W (facing S)]
Grand Case airport landing
Sunset clouds over Anguilla The sunset paints this cloud over Anguilla in a vivid gold
[18°6'23.23"N 63°3'26.03"W (facing N)]
Sunset clouds over Anguilla
Arnd at sunset Putting on the shades to see a wonderful sunset at Grand Case on St. Martin
[18°6'18.97"N 63°3'27.42"W ]
Arnd at sunset
Nat and Rob in Grand Case As the sun sets and gives everything a golden hue, Nat and Rob take a swim off the back of the boat in Grand Case, St. Martin.
(2012-01-08 21:44:46 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/6.3, 1/160s] ISO 100 Focus 2.00m)
Nat and Rob in Grand Case
Grand Case sunset view The sun setting over the point to the west of the anchorage in Grand Case, St. Martin.
[18°6'22.34"N 63°3'22.71"W (facing W)]
Grand Case sunset view
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