We've long passed the halfway point and the waves are getting smaller and more amenable for our passage. Bernd is doing well again and Carmen is still a bit under the weather but getting better.

Bernd napping during the day Bernd taking a nap during the day as we continue on our way from Norfolk to St. Martin. Note that the heavy clothes and shoes are long gone and stored in the lockers below.
[25°57'28.96"N 69°4'55.31"W ]
Bernd napping during the day
Over halfway and still on track Despite changing winds and adverse waves, we were not only ahead of our planned 150nm per day but also doing quite well on our track. Each square is 150nm from the previous day's square and they are in a straight line from Norfolk, VA to St. Martin.
[25°19'26.99"N 68°14'49.45"W ]
Over halfway and still on track
Bimini stowed away Due to the 25+ winds gusting at times to over 35 knots, Bernd and I had rolled up the bimini and then used my dinghy line to ensure that it wouldn't come loose regardless of what the winds did.
(2011-12-13 15:55:49 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/7.1, 1/200s] ISO 100 Focus 2.24m)
Bimini stowed away
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