We started the day off at our usual breakfast haunt, . The heavy breakfast provided a good foundation for the arduous tasks of provisioning and driving the rental Crown Victoria through the usually dense traffic around the Annapolis malls. In the afternoon Carmen took over the galley and starting prepping the food for the journey, today was the stock Bolognese with beef and other fine ingredients. These were then frozen in smaller portions for subsequent thawing and consumption during the offshore passage.

Bernd and Carmen at Grumpy's Grumpy's is a well-know place for breakfast in the Annapolis area. Not only is it strategically situated next to West Marine, but the staff walks around in pyjamas - plus the food is quite good as well and the coffee is palatable, too.
[38°56'55.09"N 76°29'32.79"W (facing E)]
Bernd and Carmen at Grumpy's
3rd Street in Annapolis Looking from our berth at the docks to the head of 3rd Street in Annapolis.
[38°58'23.57"N 76°28'56.2"W (facing S)]
3rd Street in Annapolis
Carmen preparing passage food Carmen in the galley of Zanshin preparing the bolognese sauce for freezing and subsequent consumption on passage.
(2011-11-26 22:57:04 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/3.5, 1/60s] ISO 800 Focus 1.12m)
Carmen preparing passage food
Annapolis sunset Viewing a colorful sunset from the boat at the docks in Annapolis, MD.
[38°58'23.24"N 76°28'56"W (facing W)]
Annapolis sunset
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