Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I woke up early, since the night ended up being a rather uncomfortable one. I had to sleep in either the starfish or foetal style to avoid bouncing around. The boat swings a lot at anchor and at the end of one swing it was broadside to the chop coming in through the channel so the boat rolled heavily a couple of times, then would be stable for about 1-2 minutes before it hit that angle of arc again. This made for a less than optimal sleep. Even now I have to hold on to the coffee cup to keep it sliding around at the navigation table while I write these notes.
I decided to leave the North Sound and then decide in which direction to sail - Anegada, Jost van Dyke or Trellis depending upon the real winds outside of the sound. Once I exited the channel with just half of the genoa out I realized that the seas were lumpy and after a bit of hesitation that lasted almost all the way to the Dog islands I decided to return to the north sound and take advantage of the protected anchorage there.
I anchored at Prickly Pear again, but this time on the Saba Rock side to avoid any possible wave action from and spent all afternoon doing teak work in the cockpit area and on the side rails. It is only 18:00 as I write this but I'm tired already and won't be out late tonight (my plans are to have a mini pizza at the BEYC bar and see what is happening there).

Channel entrance North Sound The surf is heavy on the outside of the North Sound, but once through the channel the waters are calm. The entrance itself is narrow enough to require concentration, but not too narrow as the medium sized cruise ships fit through without leaving any paint.
Channel entrance North Sound
CYOA Catamaran charter; CYOA
CYOA Catamaran
Saba Rock in the North Sound Saba Rock in the North Sound
Saba Rock in the North Sound
Teak decks Zanshin I's teak cockpit decks after a bit of cleaning.
Teak decks

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